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latest news, January 2015

Happy New Years!  The Good Hope School is proud to have grown the school from just a dream on a bicycle back in 2007 to a thriving, accredited school with over 180 students with minimal support from the west.  This is a true community-led school with a sustainable model of using full-tuition students to subsidize scholarship students in need.  This February they will host the largest graduation in history with over 80 students graduating, many of them AIDS orphans and needy who would not be able to attend if not for Good Hope School's offering in their community.  Our current initiatives for 2015 and beyond are:

- Electricity Upgrade: new poles and electricity project
- Land Expansion: To expand the school size 
- Plastering: Buildings without plastering
- Shutters and Doors: For buildings still lacking 
- Bathroom Project: Upgrade sanitization
- Sports Program: New jerseys and shoes
- Water: Build a well
- Price Fluctuation Emergency Fund:  To protect against fast increases in food costs due to drought

Please reach out if you would like information on volunteering or donating to the school!  

At Good Hope School we believe every child has the right to learn.  Our mission is to provide excellent educational services in our community where government schools are failing by leaving behind dozens of underprivileged, orphans and those unable to pay their school fees.  We launched our school with passion and commitment from our local community in January 2008, without any governmental or foreign investment.  We now have nearly 200 students, seven teachers, several buildings and land has been donated and ready for final launch plans.

We have clearly proven our commitment to to bring educational services to the needy, especially AIDS orphans in the Kabale region.  Please, take a moment to get to know who we are and consider supporting in any way.  And please, come visit the school.  You would be most welcome and we can help arrange your trip for you to see for yourself the difference we are making in the community. 

Warmest regards,

Innocent, Jamie, Jeanne, Hal, Natalie, Micaela and the Good Hope School Team

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